Gugu Mbatha-Raw wanted more of Miss Grenada's story in Misbehaviour

Gugu Mbatha-Raw wanted more of Miss Grenada's story in Misbehaviour

Gugu Mbatha-Raw wanted to cover more of Jennifer Hosten's story in 'Misbehaviour'.

The 36-year-old actress stars in the film, which tells the story of how the 1970 Miss World Competition was interrupted by feminist protesters.

The event was significant because it was won by Miss Grenada Hosten - played by Gugu - who was the first woman of colour to be named Miss World and after researching her life Gugu had wanted to give more details of her life in the comedy-drama.

In an interview with Digital Spy, she said: "It would have been fun to be able to do some film, filming in Grenada and see a little bit more of Jennifer's background.

"I learned from Jennifer and her autobiography that she had a sister that actually came with her and did her hair and helped her get ready. And that was really a detail that would have been nice to see."

Although Gugu wanted to include more details of Hosten's life she acknowledges that the movie had to be limited to the events of the contest itself, which took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

She said: "But you know, obviously the film takes place around the contest, and it's showing many different perspectives. So I think for the essence of getting the whole competition side of things together, they, you know, can't put that in."

The 'Beauty and the Beast' star admits that she had no idea about the infamy of the event until she read the script for the project.

Gugu explained: "My first introduction to this whole period of history and this whole idea was reading the script. And I just loved it so much. I thought it was really witty and spirited, and I couldn't believe it was a true story.

"What a coincidence that 1970, the year that the Women's Liberation movement stormed the Miss World ceremony, was the same year that the first women of colour won the competition. I just thought (it) was so potent, and told in a really entertaining way."