Glenn Close wants to reprise Cruella de Vil role

Glenn Close wants to reprise Cruella de Vil role

Glenn Close wants to play Cruella de Vil again.

The 74-year-old actress played the iconic Disney villain in the 1996 live-action adaptation of '101 Dalmatians' and reprised the part in the sequel '102 Dalmatians' and has revealed that she has another story in mind for the character.

Glenn said: "I have a great story to make another Cruella with my Cruella."

The 'Fatal Attraction' star remained tight-lipped about plot details but did give a little hint with regards to the plot.

She teased: "Cruella comes to New York and disappears down the sewers."

Glenn previously explained that she found it difficult playing the character – who wants to steal a hoard of puppies to make a new coat - because the dogs were afraid of her.

She recalled: "That was hard because when I was in full drag Cruella all those wonderful little dogs didn't want anything to do with me."

The 'Hillbilly Elegy' star admitted that she channelled the villain more easily when she put on the character's make-up and black and white wig.

Glenn said: "There's certain characters that I've played like Cruella ... that when you're in the full drag there she is."

Meanwhile, Close also discussed playing Norma Desmond in Andrew Lloyd Webber's long-awaited film adaptation of 'Sunset Boulevard' having starred in the Broadway production as the same character.

She told Variety: "We're ready to go. We're very, very close.

"I feel passionate about it. I feel if I could just bring her home to the movies, I don't give a s*** what I do for the rest of my life. I'll play grandmothers until I die."

Disney has resurrected the Cruella de Vil character in upcoming prequel film 'Cruella' in which Emma Stone plays the dognapper as a younger woman.

The movie - which also stars Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, Emily Beecham, Kirby Howell-Baptiste and Mark Strong - will be available to stream on Disney+ from May 28, 2021.