George Clooney: I want to film The Boys In The Boat near my house

George Clooney: I want to film The Boys In The Boat near my house

George Clooney wants to shoot 'The Boys In The Boat' in his own backyard.

The 60-year-old star is co-directing the new movie about how the University of Washington's men's rowing team shocked the world to win gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

The project is based on a book by Daniel James Brown and is set in America and Germany, although one of the team's main rowers was a British boatbuilder and Clooney is angling for the picture to be shot on the water near his mansion in Berkshire.

He told Baz Bamigboye's Daily Mail newspaper column: "There's an argument that some of the sporting scenes could be filmed over here but there's a lot to discuss before we reach that point."

George also quipped: "The river's there. Easy. If we can't film there, the crew can practice. I wouldn't have to leave the house."

Callum Turner has been tapped to star in 'The Boys in the Boat', which George has been looking to work on for some time after opting to shoot the coming-of-age drama 'The Tender Bar' beforehand due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ben Affleck starred in 'The Tender Bar' and was left very impressed by Clooney's skills behind the camera.

He said: "[George is] the best, most precise director I've ever worked with.

"He's just so good and so smart and creates a great environment.

"We had a great experience working together previously, he produced 'Argo' [with me]. He just has so much experience doing his thing, doing this job, and it's like, such a gift. Because it cuts through all the noise and gets right to the x, y, z. Bing, bang, boom."