Elisabeth Moss: I have a 'ridiculous' job

Elisabeth Moss: I have a 'ridiculous' job

Elisabeth Moss has a "ridiculous" job.

The 'Handmaid's Tale' star feels very privileged to work as an actress, admitting her chosen career path is "pretty great" and she always feels "invigorated" by her career choice.

She said: "My job is pretty great. I have these scripts that are written and I get to pretend and I get to imagine. It’s a ridiculous job and I make money at it and I feel invigorated by it. I’ve just never felt that it was a dark place, I’ve always felt that it was a light place."

And Elisabeth feels her movie roles can really help people too.

Referencing her part in 'The Invisible Man', in which she plays a woman escaping her abusive partner, she shared: "I would have friends who I didn’t know had gone through an experience like that say to me that it was cathartic to watch. I think we all have experiences where we feel like we were gaslit or taken advantage of or told that we were crazy for thinking or feeling something. That story of abuse is not something that has arisen in the last five years. It’s not a bandwagon anyone can jump on – it’s a tale as old as time."

Elisabeth likes to "bury" herself in her work but she had no problem staying at home during lockdown as she is "very much a loner".

Speaking to the independent.co.uk, she shared: "I’m very much a loner. Lockdown for me was kind of a breeze because I have no problem staying at home for long, long periods of time, and I have no problem not seeing anybody. And I also bury myself in my work."