Dwayne Johnson confirms Black Adam will begin shooting in April

Dwayne Johnson confirms Black Adam will begin shooting in April

The 'Black Adam' movie is set to begin shooting in April.

The eagerly-awaited project has been in the works for years and now, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has confirmed that filming will start in the next few weeks.

The wrestler-turned-actor - who will play the film's central character - said on Instagram: "We are approximately three weeks away from shooting 'Black Adam' and I can’t believe we are at the finish line with this thing. And what a journey it has been. Actually I can believe it considering how hard we’ve worked over the years."

Dwayne, 48, first signed on to play Black Adam in 2014, following the release of 'Man of Steel', and amid plans to create a DC Extended Universe of films.

The shoot was actually supposed to begin last year but was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dwayne also shared a page from the script via Instagram, giving his social media followers an insight into the upcoming movie.

The Hollywood star said: "I want to show you guys something. I want to show you the opening page of my script that I look at every time I open this.

"I've memorized this, and I've known these words for years and years and years and years and years now but it gives you guys an example of who Black Adam is, and who Black Adam is to the world of the DC universe, but also I think who Black Adam is to the world of superhero universes period and that is the DC universe but that also includes the Marvel superhero universe, too.

"Now look, I'm not saying that there is going to be a mash-up, I'm not saying that, but what I am saying is it doesn't matter to me, it doesn't matter to Black Adam, put them all on notice whether they're part of the DC universe or part of the Marvel universe, they all get put on notice now."

Black Adam

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Hailed as the slave who became Champion, the mortal slave Teth-Adam was bestowed the powers of the gods. When he used his powers for vengeance, he was entombed, becoming Black Adam. Nearly 5,000 years later, Black Adam is freed from his imprisonment and finds his unique form of justice challenged by modern day heroes in the form of the Justice Society. ...

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