Dolph Lundgren teases Drago spin-off plot

Dolph Lundgren teases Drago spin-off plot

Dolph Lundgren has hinted at the plot for a 'Drago' film.

The 65-year-old actor came to prominence as the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in the 'Rocky' franchise and revealed that a standalone movie would be an "immigration slash fighter story".

Asked about the potential film by Screen Rant, Dolph said: "Yeah, MGM has a project on the books. There's been a script that nobody really liked. Now, they're, as far as I know, looking for a new writer, and to try to tap back into that world."

'The Expendables' star explained that the ongoing war in Ukraine adds an extra layer of interest to a potential movie.

Dolph explained: "There was a movie I did called 'Creed II', where it kind of opens, actually, in Ukraine. So, it's interesting. Now, it's more interesting than it was in 2018.

"The idea was to sort of go back and start back in Ukraine again, in Kyiv, but now, of course, there is war going on. There's a reason for a father and son to come to America. So it's a little bit of an immigration slash fighter story. I thought it was a great idea, but you've got to find the right person to write it, and that's what's going on right now."

Meanwhile, Dolph previously described the legendary actor-turned-filmmaker Clint Eastwood as one of his "biggest inspirations" for making some of his best work later in his career.

Speaking to HeyUGuys last year, he explained: "I think one of my biggest inspirations is Clint Eastwood because he's the guy who made that transition from acting to directing and from action to drama. That's a tough transition to make. And he's still going on at 91! I don't know if I can last that long but if I can do a tenth of what he's done then I'll be very happy!"