Django's Franco Nero wants Quentin Tarantino for sequel cameo

Django's Franco Nero wants Quentin Tarantino for sequel cameo

Franco Nero wants Quentin Tarantino to cameo in 'Django Lives!'

The 79-year-old big screen veteran - who made a cameo appearance in the filmmaker's 2012 movie 'Django Unchained' - is set to reprise the role which made him a household name in Sergio Corbuccio's iconic 1966 Western 'Django', and he would like to return the favour.

He told Variety: "I am going to ask Quentin to do a cameo. But only when I am totally sure the film will start shooting.

"That’s because a couple of years ago I was supposed to do a film in Italy about kids and boxing with Enzo Castellari and Quentin told me: ‘Absolutely! I will do a cameo.’

"Then the movie didn’t happen and he told me: ‘Don’t ever talk to me about a film unless you are 100% sure.’ "

The new movie will be set in 1915 as America was opening its first movie studios, and hiring "real life heroes" like Wyatt Earp and Buffalo Bill and consultants on Westerns - although Django himself "is not one of them".

Commenting on his idea for Tarantino's involvement, Nero added: "There is an amazing cameo in this film of a film director character who has to do a scene involving actors on these beautiful horses.

"Django arrives with this little nag and then runs off with one of them. Anyway, when we are totally sure the cameras will roll I will ask him."

He is hopeful filming can get underway early next year, after the pandemic halted plans for shooting earlier in 2020.

He said: "Everything was ready to go, with plans to shoot in New Orleans, first in May, then in June, and then the world went on lockdown, so now we will see.

"Carolyn Pfeiffer (one of the producers) sent me a message the other day saying they are hoping we can shoot at the end of January 2021."