Dave Bautista wants buddy cop film with Jason Momoa

Dave Bautista wants buddy cop film with Jason Momoa

Dave Bautista wants to star in a buddy cop movie with Jason Momoa.

The wrestler-turned-actor is teaming up with the 'Aquaman' star for the second series of the Apple TV+ drama 'See' and revealed that he wants to work together with Jason on the big screen in a "Lethal Weapon" style movie.

Dave tweeted: "Just going to throw this out into the atmosphere and see what happens. Here we go... Me and Momoa in a 'Lethal Weapon' type buddy cop movie directed by David Leitch. Ok! There it is. Now we wait (sic)"

Bautista, 52, previously confessed that he struggled to get acting jobs following his decision to leave WWE and had an "emotional breakdown" when he got the part of Drax the Destroyer in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

The 'Army of the Dead' star recalled: "It was months of auditions and screen tests, and flying back and forth to LA, and keeping my fingers crossed. They wouldn't exclude me from the role, but they wanted to audition other people, so I'm just holding on, in the mix. I think I wasn't established as an actor. They still had reservations.

"But when I finally got the role, I had an emotional breakdown. It was life-changing. It was life-altering for me. I had been struggling just to even get auditions. It was like three years after I'd left wrestling. I left wrestling on top. I took a chance on myself, and really struggled for three years.

"If it had gone a different way, I would have been crushed. I would have been devastated. But it literally changed my career. It changed my life."