Daniel Kaluuya had to learn horseriding for  Nope

Daniel Kaluuya had to learn horseriding for Nope

Daniel Kaluuya had to learn how to ride a horse for his new film 'Nope'.

The 33-year-old star features in Jordan Peele's latest project – which tells the story of an estranged brother and sister (Keke Palmer) who experience an alien threat as they run their late father's horse ranch in California – and wasn't thrilled about working with the animals on the flick.

Daniel told the Daily Mail newspaper: "I got into an emotional scene with this horse, Lucky, and he started to do a really long pee and I had to wait until he finished."

Peele praised the Oscar-winning star for working so hard to master the skill of riding.

The director explained: "I've never seen an actor work as hard as he did, in getting the horse skills.

"It's just wonderful to watch his process, because the first day I met him on 'Get Out', I said, 'I need that accent to be right, because you're not doing it yet'. And he comes in and bam! Flawless.

"And so I had trust. And when he's like, 'Yeah, I got you, I'm gonna be a horse rider next time you see me', that's what happened."

Daniel described the movie as a big change from his Oscar-winning part in 'Judas and the Black Messiah' but was pleased to be reunited with Jordan after the pair worked together on the film 'Get Out'.

He said: "There were a lot of non-dialogue scenes, which was a challenge (but) it was something that I would want to watch... and it was Jordan as well."

Jordan recently suggested that the movie will reflect the "horrors" that the world is currently experiencing.

The filmmaker said: "Just to give you a little bit of a sense of what you're going to see, because it's f****** crazy – I wrote this movie in a time that we still exist in, where I think many of us would agree it feels like we're in the middle of a bad miracle.

"It's a reflection of all the awful and spectacular horrors that we've been living through. If you thought you were going to get a complete escape from the horrors of the world, sorry, it's not that."