Daniel Craig doesn't want James Bond to be streamed

Daniel Craig doesn't want James Bond to be streamed

Daniel Craig has urged people not to stream James Bond movies.

The 53-year-old actor played 007 for the fifth and final time in 'No Time To Die', and though the film was hit by repeated delays because of the coronavirus pandemic, he's grateful it was still released in the cinemas because he thinks that's the way "event movies" should be seen.

He said: “One of the greatest things that’s happened is we got this movie into the cinema.

"That’s where Bond movies should be.

“They don’t look so good on a phone. They look great on an Imax screen. It looks great on a 30ft screen.

"And they are family events. It gets the family out. As long as there’s event movies like this then cinema’s got a chance of surviving.”

While Daniel's Bond successor has yet to be announced, the 'Knives Out' star has offered some tips for whoever takes over as the suave spy.

He told The Sun newspaper: “There’s a couple things I’d say. One is don’t be s***.

“I would say you have to grab it and make it your own."

For the new Bond, Daniel thinks the franchise is in a "good place" and he believes there are still a lot of good stories to be told.

He added: “I hope I’ve left it in a good place and I hope the next person can just make it fly. It’s an amazing franchise. I still think there’s a lot of stories to tell."

Daniel recently admitted he thought it was "very satisfying" that Bond was apparently killed at the end of 'No Time To Die' after he sacrificed himself to save partner Madeleine (Lea Seydoux) and his daughter Mathilde (Lisa-Dorah Sonnet).

Reflection on the dramatic finale, he said: "There were lots of different ideas that came and went and some of it stuck. The through line of this is family (and) love, plus the fact we had an end so it was about hanging the film off that."