Dakota Johnson to star alongside Sean Penn in Daddio

Dakota Johnson to star alongside Sean Penn in Daddio

Dakota Johnson is set to star alongside Sean Penn in 'Daddio'.

The 31-year-old actress has replaced Daisy Ridley in the upcoming indie movie, after a scheduling conflict meant she was forced to walk away from the project, according to Collider.

Christy Hall will write and direct the movie, and she'll also produce the film alongside Emma Tillinger Koskoff,

Dakota - who is best known for playing Anastasia Steele in the 'Fifty Shades' franchise - will play a young woman who jumps in a taxi after arriving in New York City.

Sean, 60, will play the taxi driver and their seemingly innocuous conversation turns from from surface-level chit chat to a deep discussion about various issues - including sex and power dynamics - during the course of their journey, Deadline reports.

Meanwhile, Dakota previously revealed that she's gone to extreme lengths in order to get film roles.

The Hollywood star admitted to writing letters and flying around the US to secure coveted roles for herself.

She shared: "I’ve flown myself places, I’ve written letters ... Explaining why it means so much to me and why I would love to be a part of a project, mostly.

"I’m really fond of a letter ... I think it’s important, it means a lot to have personal connection to your work and then connect with people you’re working with."

Despite this, Daktoa remains philosophical when she misses out on a role that she really wants.

She said: "If there’s a role that’s incredible and many people want it ... I don’t know, it’s an interesting industry!

"I truly believe that roles go to the right person, always. I don’t feel like the jobs I’ve lost, like, 'Oh, God, it should have been me.' I don’t feel that way, I think everything happens for a reason - especially in the arts."