Chris Hemsworth's exhausting shoot

Chris Hemsworth's exhausting shoot

Chris Hemsworth found filming 'Extraction' the "most exhausting shoot" he's ever worked on.

The Australian actor portrays Tyler Rake, a mercenary who is enlisted to rescue a kidnapped child from a crime lord in India, in the upcoming Netflix saga and he hadn't expected how much director Sam Hargrave - who was also stunt co-ordinator on 'Avengers: Endgame' - would push him when it came to the action sequences.

He admitted: "The whole thing was by far the most exhausting shoot I've ever been a part of.

"Sam and I have worked together on 'Avengers' films and I knew it was going to be full of all the talent he was going to bring to the table with actions and stunts, but he took it up to a whole new level that I hadn't experienced before.

"You know, you have Sam strapped to the bonnet of a car, diving off buildings with you in amongst fight sequences.

"The camera work has an energy for us as performers that's pure adrenaline. And exhaustion."

The director described his debut as more of an "arthouse action" film when compared with the Marvel series because the 'Avengers' movies had such a large ensemble.

He told "It was interesting, movies like that you've got 32 different stars that all share the screen at different times of the story that you have to piece together.

"Then this movie ('Extraction') is Chris' movie, it's a different machine. This was our arthouse action movie.

"He was there for rehearsals for the character for a long time.

"We'd shoot an action sequence and then we'd both be there with the stunt guys rehearsing after that, so it was a very intimate collaborative experience and took our relationship to a new level."

And there's no real break from action for the 36-year-old actor as he'll be reprising his role as Thor in 'Thor: Love and Thunder' once filming is allowed to get underway following the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: "At some point with the next Thor movie, 'Thor: Love and Thunder', we're writing now and in the middle of prepping everything.

"It's been put on hold, as you can imagine, but that will be what I'm gonna dive straight into."