Chris Evans enjoyed playing someone 'a little more vile' in Knives Out

Chris Evans enjoyed playing someone 'a little more vile' in Knives Out

Chris Evans enjoyed playing someone "a little more vile" in 'Knives Out'.

The 38-year-old actor has gone from playing Marvel superhero Captain America to the less-forgiving Ransom Drysdale in Rian Johnson's upcoming murder mystery and he has admitted it has been a refreshing change for him.

Speaking at Variety's Toronto Film Festival studio, Chris said: "It's nice to play somebody a little more vile

"I don't always get the opportunity to play someone who's so despicable; so yeah it's fun."

The 'Avengers: Endgame' star also admitted it was "just as fun" playing Ransom as it was playing MCU's Steve Rogers and he says there was a real "family dynamic" on set with his co-stars, who include Daniel Craig (Benoit Blanc), Jamie Lee Curtis (Linda Drysdale) and '13 Reasons Why' star Katherine Langford (Meg Thrombey).

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "It is kind of a group mentality, so you're still kind of collaborating with a lot of people, and it is kind of, strangely enough, a similar family dynamic.

"A different character - in the Marvel movies I play a guy who's a little more taciturn, a little more selfless, and in this movie I play a guy that's a little more vile. "But the way you come to set every day is still pretty similar. And to be honest, it was just as fun. "Everyone on this set, everyone's just here to have a good time and everyone loves what they do. It's a real blessing."

Meanwhile, it's unlikely Chris will reprise his role as Captain America, as he has "emotionally moved on" from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to 'Avengers: Endgame' directors the Russo brothers.

Joe and Anthony Russo helmed the ensemble movie which signified the end of the current generation of the MCU, but despite Chris' character getting a happy ending, it's unlikely Chris will be back in his blue suit and shield.

Joe Russo said: "No, I think Chris - Chris is a very emotional person. I think, maybe it's evident if you follow him on Twitter - because he does put his heart into what he says - but I feel like he has to close the door on things and emotionally move onto the next thing."

To which Anthony added: "There are no plans."

And Joe then said: "I think for now he's emotionally moved on, yes."