Brittany Snow felt 'safe' filming intimate scenes  for X

Brittany Snow felt 'safe' filming intimate scenes for X

Brittany Snow felt "safe" when filming intimate scenes for 'X '

The 36-year-old actress plays adult film star Bobby-Lynne in Ti West's erotic slasher film but felt comfortable filming sex scenes because there was a lot of "consideration and care" during filming and everything was discussed at length beforehand.

She said: "I think I felt safe [filming the sex scenes] because there was so much consideration and care about every single shot in that movie. Nothing was shown that wasn’t talked about at length beforehand. Nothing was off the cuff. Everything was very methodical in terms of why we were showing this, how we were going to film it."

The 'Hairspray' actress - who has been married to pro surfer Tyler Stanaland since 2020 - went on to explain that the film's intimacy co-ordinator, Tandi Wright, was keen to make sure that all graphic scenes in the film were done solely out of interest for the characters.

In an interview with Collider, she said: "There was an intimacy coordinator on set, Tandi Wright, who we worked really closely with who was an angel and made sure that everything was based in character and not gratuitous sort of shock and awe. I think that was necessary for me to do the movie. And Ti was really at the forefront of making sure that everyone, the females and men in the movie felt comfortable."

The film - which is set in Texas in 1979 - also stars Mia Goth as aspiring adult film actress Maxine Minx and Martin Henderson as her boyfriend Wayne who embark on a road trip with Bobby-Lynne and fellow actor Jackson Hole (played by Scott Mescudi ) with the intent of shooting a movie to release on video, but things go awry when tensions build during filming in an old farm guesthouse.

'X' was released in cinemas on 18th March.