Brad Pitt praised by Ad Astra co-star

Brad Pitt praised by Ad Astra co-star

Brad Pitt juggles the roles of actor and producer "seamlessly".

The 55-year-old actor plays astronaut Roy McBride in 'Ad Astra', which he also produced, and co-star Loren Dean praised the actor for how he managed to perfectly combine starring in the movie and producing the project, without any complaints.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "I've loved his work for so many years. He's amazing to watch and to act with, but he said goodnight to everybody at the end of the night and thanked them for the day's work, just like a producer would. But he did this after a full day's work hanging in wires in front of cameras. He just commands both roles - actor and producer - so seamlessly."

In the sci-fi film, Brad's astronaut character investigates deadly electrical storms which could be connected to his absent father (Tommy Lee Jones) who disappearance on a space mission 16 years ago and Brad admitted the movie is one of the "most delicate" projects he has ever worked on.

He said: "The hardest part of this film was really putting it together. Not only was it a Rubik's Cube of a structure, but [director] James Gray and I set out to do something really raw, open, in the moment, sincere. We wanted to do something sincere. The danger in that - I would even call it a minefield - is that it can easily become too trite or too flat depending on how you shape the thing. it was constant negotiation to stay on point. It was more delicate than any other film I've ever worked on."

The film was initially set to hit the big screen at the start of the year, but the huge deal between Disney and Fox meant plans changed twice as the studio eventually settled on September.

Gray previously said: "[There] wasn't concern that the film wouldn't get released.

"It just was a question of when and how, and you can't worry about that stuff because it has nothing to do with you, nothing to do with your movie.

"There are forces at play in the market that are so huge that really the only thing you can do is sit back and hope for the best in your own specific case, and not take it personally. My movie is this tiny thing [and] the deal was $71 billion."