Bono helped Liam Neeson to secure Ordinary Love role

Bono helped Liam Neeson to secure Ordinary Love role

Bono played a major role in Liam Neeson's casting in 'Ordinary Love'.

The 67-year-old actor stars alongside Lesley Manville in the romantic drama film, and Liam has now revealed how the music icon introduced him to the project.

Liam explained: "He's a pal, and the producer of the film sent Bono the script because they're pals. Bono read it and got in touch with me about it.

"He said, 'You should read this. It's a real page-turner.' And it was a page-turner. So, I thought it would be terrific to do, especially when I heard Lesley Manville was going to be involved. It was a no-brainer."

'Ordinary Love' marks the first time Liam and Lesley have worked together on screen.

And Liam has admitted to relishing the experience of working with the acclaimed actress.

Asked about their on-set dynamic, he told Collider: "Lesley and I just clicked with each other.

"We didn't interrogate the scenes, to any great depth. We just trusted the fact that, between the pair of us, we've got a number of years of experience, in theatre, television and film, and we just allowed that experience to breathe, and shared that with each other."

Meanwhile, Liam also revealed he's currently in the midst of another film project.

He shared: "I'm doing a film at the moment, up in Winnipeg, called 'The Ice Road', which is inspired by the old French classic film 'The Wages of Fear', that was made in the '50s.

"So, last week, it was 34 degrees Centigrade and I was fighting a guy on Lake Winnipeg. From the sublime to the ridiculous. I'm a quarter way through that. I have a few more weeks to go."