Black Widow script 'was written in 11 days'

Black Widow script 'was written in 11 days'

The 'Black Widow' script was written in just 11 days.

Screenwriter Eric Pearson has revealed that the Cate Shortland-directed movie - which stars Scarlett Johansson as the titular character - was penned in less than two weeks, although he admitted there have been plenty of rewrites along the way.

He told Variety: "We got our good bones down meeting with Kevin [Feige] and [co-producer] Brian Chapek and [director] Cate Shortland and talking to Scarlett a lot.

"She was phoning in and then I was locking it into a document that was just like a blueprint. And once I know what I’m doing, I write fast."

Despite this, Eric acknowledged that the script went through lots of rewrites before everyone was entirely satisfied.

He said: "That was the first draft, but we did a lot of rewrites."

The new Marvel movie also stars Florence Pugh, and Scarlett recently heaped praise on the 25-year-old actress, admitting she "would love" to be more like her co-star in some ways.

The Hollywood actress - who began playing the role of Black Widow in 'Iron Man 2' - explained: "Florence is so self-possessed. I was not that self-possessed.

"I actually realized, ‘wow, I have a lot of work to do on myself,’ when I worked with Florence. She's got such a healthy ego and is in her skin. It was like, ‘this is another way to be. I've got to therapize more!’

"She really stands in her own shoes and is grounded, it was so impressive. She's not judging herself. I love that about her and I would love to be more like that."