Ben Schwartz creates studio at home amid pandemic

Ben Schwartz creates studio at home amid pandemic

Ben Schwartz has created his own recording studio at home so he can do voiceover work amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The 38-year-old actor has revealed he's adopted a creative approach to his job to ensure he was able to work over recent months, despite movie studios shutting because of the pandemic.

He shared: "I've been sent a microphone with a microphone stand, and I put it in front of a closet with a lot of clothes in it.

"I have a little rack behind me that I put my comforter on, and I've been trying to record television-quality sound for all these different things. And I hope that it works, because if it doesn't, then I have to do everything all over again for many, many hours.

"But yeah, I've been doing quite a bit of voiceover, and then anytime I'm on a podcast, I go down to that little area. It's been nice getting a little bit of work done during this."

Ben also revealed he's hopeful of making a second 'Sonic the Hedgehog' movie, having voiced the titular character in the original.

The actor told Collider: "I literally have heard that we just haven't gotten green-lit yet.

"All I know is they said, 'The second we get green-lit, we'll tell you.' And I have not heard anything yet ... And my hope is that we get the opportunity because it did so well, and especially domestically it did so well.

"So I hope that we get to do it because there's so much more stuff we can do in that world."