Ben Affleck hints at shift in career approach

Ben Affleck hints at shift in career approach

Ben Affleck has suggested that he will no longer make major cinematic blockbusters.

The 49-year-old actor has hinted that he will gravitate towards smaller projects and films on streaming services – following the success of movies such as 'Licorice Pizza' and his own flick 'The Tender Bar', which was released on Amazon Prime Video and directed by George Clooney.

Ben told The Playlist: "It's funny because I was just talking to Paul the other day, Paul Thomas Anderson – I saw 'Licorice Pizza' and it's amazing – And we were watching a movie. And then it was like I heard this whole other wave.'

"So, I feel like there is a rebirth to it, and I think that's due to the streaming thing. You may have to adapt to the changing times. I mean, this business has changed, right? You had vaudeville, silent movies, talkies, colour. Then there was television. It's continued to evolve and change."

The 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' star also revealed that his own movie 'The Way Back' proved to him how the coronavirus pandemic has shifted how people watch films.

Ben explained: "I had this with 'The Way Back'. No one was going to go see that movie in the theatre. I could just feel it. I love the movie. It's a good drama.

"The audience was like, 'We want to stream it. We're not going to rush out and see it.'

"There is a big and growing audience for these interesting adult dramas. But that audience now has been acculturated, especially with Covid and with the streamers and the quality and they want to watch it at home. They don't care."