Antonio Banderas features in Banshee cast

Antonio Banderas features in Banshee cast

Antonio Banderas, Jaime King and Tommy Flanagan have joined the cast of 'Banshee'.

The trio have signed up to star in the action film that will be directed by Jon Keeyes and that has been described as a "complex story of revenge and family".

The movie follows a freelance assassin, with the codename Banshee (King), who is ambushed by Anthony Greene (Flanagan) – a powerful mercenary who killed her father who is now seeking to collect a bounty on Caleb (Banderas), her former black ops mentor.

Caleb went underground five years beforehand, which triggers a race against time as Banshee must find and protect him before Greene and his army of killers can take him down.

Keeyes said: "'Banshee' is a complex story of revenge and family, and having this incredibly talented cast to bring these characters to life is a dream."

The flick will be produced by Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman of Yale Productions alongside Keeyes for Highland Myst. Matthew Rogers has written the screenplay after penning the trio's previous film 'The Survivalist'.

Yale Levine and Beckerman said: "We're excited to have such an amazing cast for this wall-to-wall action movie.

"Antonio Banderas is a legend and having him alongside Jaime King and Tommy Flanagan in such a high-energy film is going to keep audiences on the edge of their seats."

Banderas is also set to feature in the cast of the upcoming 'Indiana Jones 5'.

The 61-year-old actor has joined an ensemble that includes Harrison Ford, Mads Mikkelsen and Phoebe Waller-Bridge but it is not yet clear which role he will be playing.