Anthony Daniels happy with Star Wars ending

Anthony Daniels happy with Star Wars ending

Anthony Daniels is delighted to leave the 'Star Wars' franchise "on a high".

The 73-year-old actor felt his protocol droid alter ego, C-3PO, was "worth more" than the small part he played in the eighth movie in the franchise, 'The Last Jedi', so he's delighted that, after receiving an upgrade in the upcoming 'The Rise of Skywalker, his character got to do a lot of "weird stuff" in the film.

He told Empire magazine: "In 'The Last Jedi' I became a table decoration, which I regretted because Threepio was worth more than that.

"But he does all sorts of weird stuff in this one. It was a delight, a joy!

"I get to go out on a high. This is my third ending and I think I'll be saddest about this one. 'Return of the Jedi' was... well, it had the Ewoks in it, for God's sake."

Anthony - the only actor to have appeared in all nine movies in the franchise - recently praised the "remarkably clever" way his character has changed in the final movie.

He said: "J.J. and Chris came up with this aspect of Threepio we had not seen before that's remarkably clever. They go deep down into ancient 'Star Wars' and came up with something refreshingly new."

The veteran actor recently released his autobiography 'I Am C-3PO: The Inside Story' where he opened up about his first day playing the character, admitting the metal suit he had to wear in 1977's 'Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope' felt "ghastly".

In an extract from the memoir, he wrote: "A suit was made for me, specially moulded to the shape of my body. Sixty pounds of metal, rubber and plastic. Wearing it for the first time I felt ghastly.

"On the first day of filming, it took two hours to get the suit on. I tried not to vocalise the nipping and scratching from the fibreglass shell."