Alexander Skarsgard insists hallucinatory scenes in Infinity Pool were more technical than fun

Alexander Skarsgard insists hallucinatory scenes in Infinity Pool were more technical than fun

Alexander Skarsgard found filming his cloning sequence in 'Infinity Pool' "kind of boring".

The 46-year-old actor stars in Brandon Cronenberg's horror as James Foster, an author who finds himself trapped on a particularly disturbing vacation, and despite the hallucinatory montages in the movie being a visual spectacle, he admitted most of the work went into technical elements.

He told CinemaBlend: "Shooting those sequences, it's kind of boring 'cause they're very technical. I love those in the movie and with the music and they're so kind of... it evokes something quite interesting in you.

"Shooting it is definitely less I wanna say romantic, but less tantalising."

However, Alexander enjoyed watching Brandon and his crew at work.

He added: "It's technical, but also those days were super fun on set 'cause Brandon [Cronenberg] and Karim Hussain, his DP, they've worked together for many, many years. They are like little kids playing with LEGO on set."

Brandon and cinematographer Karim Hussain played around with different lighting and visual techniques during filming, which Alexander admitted made the shoot more exciting.

He said: "They played around with so many different shots, different filters, different liquids, and weird mirrors and boxes that they wanted us to step into 'cause they would shoot it and it was very creative and innovative and tactile 'cause it was all done on set in camera as opposed to in post with CGI. So I was very excited about shooting those sequences."

Brandon recently admitted some of the movie was inspired by his own holiday from hell.

He said: "I did draw on some experiences I had, the one time I did go to a resort about 20 years ago, for when I started building out the particulars of the resort compound, the barbed wire fencing and so on. A lot of that was taken from reality. It was vacation that I found to be particularly menacing ...

"It was the Dominican Republic and it was very surreal. They would bus you in in the middle of the night. You wouldn’t see any of the surrounding country at all because it was dark. They just dropped you into a compound surrounded by razor wire fence, it was much like in the film. There was a fake town where you could shop, but not outside the compound. There was a Chinese restaurant, there was a horrible disco."