Alex Kingston dreams of playing a James Bond villain

Alex Kingston dreams of playing a James Bond villain

Alex Kingston wants to play a James Bond villain.

The 57-year-old actress is keen to play an enemy of the iconic spy in a film, but doesn't want to fall for the charms of 007 like the Bond girls and many secondary female villains, she wants to be the main baddie.

Alex said: "I would love to be a villain in a James Bond movie, the real villain, the main one. Because they've never had a female villain.

"And I want to be a villain who does not find James Bond sexy at all. And doesn't succumb to his charms, I want to be his real nemesis."

Alex's previous credits include 'Doctor Who' and 'ER' and she revealed that she is keen to be versatile with her performances to maintain her career longevity and is happy to turn to theatre roles.

In an interview with The Sunday Post newspaper, she said: "Being as versatile as possible helps. I'm up for anything as long as it is written well.

"I had a formal training. My first love is theatre. Having that as a backbone will always support me. In an industry that will favour youth more, theatre is always there. In order to succeed on the stage you have to have had good solid training and know how to handle your voice."

Alex adds that being a "nice person" means a lot in the world of acting and she never wants to be a performer who is difficult to work with.

She said: "Also, being a nice person counts for a lot. If you were difficult you would get a reputation. Of course there are actors who are extremely difficult and tiresome to work with, and there will come a point at which you think is it worth it? I don't want to be one of those people."