Alden Ehrenreich and Phoebe Dynevor cast in Fair Play

Alden Ehrenreich and Phoebe Dynevor cast in Fair Play

Alden Ehrenreich and Phoebe Dynevor will star in 'Fair Play'.

The duo have boarded the cast of the drama that is being written and directed by Chloe Domont.

The film is set after a woman's promotion at a cut-throat hedge fund sends her relationship with her partner on a downward spiral and threatens to unravel more than just their recent engagement.

Domont is also executive producing the movie with production slated to begin in Serbia in the new year.

Alden has previously starred in 'Hail, Caesar!' and portrayed Han Solo in the 'Star Wars' spin-off 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'.

Meanwhile, Phoebe shot to fame after playing the role of Daphne Bridgerton in the hit Netflix period drama series 'Bridgerton' and has since landed movie parts in 'The Colour Room' and 'I Heart Murder'.

'Bridgerton' proved to be phenomenally successful and Phoebe credits the programme for "changing her life" in many different ways.

The 26-year-old star said: "I'd say Bridgerton has definitely changed my life. But not only in the things that have come from the job, but also just the experience of it and meeting the most incredible people; just learning so much from working so hard for that period of time."

Phoebe also gushed about how much she has learned as a performer by getting the opportunity to star in the hit show.

She said: "You just learn so much about being an actor and how much your body can take, in a way. That was a huge learning experience for me and it changed a lot of things in my life."