Home Coming (Mandarin w EST)

In Numiya, the war breaks out. Dawei Zong (YI ZHANG), the former diplomat of the People’s Republic of China, and Lang Cheng (KARRY WANG), the new attaché in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are appointed to carry out the evacuation of overseas Chinese nationals. When they complete their original task, they find out that there is a group of evacuees led by Hua Bai, the General Manager of China Huaxing Corporation Numiya Branch, still heading towards the evacuation spot at the border. Because of the urgent situation, Dawei Zong and Lang Cheng give up the opportunity to go back home themselves, and instead go back to the war zone. At the last 100 kilometers distance of evacuation, how will these two unarmed diplomats protect the 125 people from the gunfire of rebels, as well as endure the harshness of the desert and escort everyone back home.

Starring: Yi Zhang, Junkai WANG, Tao YIN, Xun WANG
Directed by: Xiaozhi RAO

In Theatres:Oct 21, 2022
Genre: Action
Duration: 135 min

Notes:Mandarin with English Subtitles

Consumer Advice:(BC) Violence. (SK) Violence. (MB) Violence. (ON) Violence.

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