Driving With Selvi (EIFF) movie poster

Driving With Selvi (EIFF)

International premiere! We first meet 18-year-old Selvi at a girls' shelter in 2004 - timid, soft-spoken, a fresh runaway from a difficult life. Over a ten-year journey, we see a remarkable transformation as Selvi finds her voice and defies all expectations - learning to drive, starting her own taxi company, leading seminars to educate other women, and eventually becoming a mother. Through Selvi's eyes, the audience is taken on an intimate journey of healing, overcoming obstacles, and fulfilling dreams. And throughout this journey, Selvi's unwavering spirit shines through. Wildly charming (without even realizing it), remarkably strong, and utterly courageous, by the end of the film Selvi speaks almost as a sage or our wisest teacher, sharing important, hard-won secrets about happiness and life.

Starring: TBC
Directed by: Elisa Paloschi

In Theatres:Oct 02, 2015
Genre: Drama
Duration: 78 min

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