Drifting Snow

A car accident in the cold winter night leads two strangers, Joanne and Chris, to share a road trip the next day. As a snow storm rolls across their route, memories of the past year float through their minds. Processing the loss of his mother, Chris also copes with failing eyesight that could jeopardize his career as a filmmaker. And after losing her husband John near their cabin, Joanne must come to terms with the rituals of daily life without him. As their drive continues, their drifting memories reveal parallel experiences, helping each of them shift the focus of their destination.

Starring: Colin Mochrie, James Hartnett, Linda Goranson, Rachel Bonnetta, Jonas Bonnetta, Sonja Smits
Directed by: Ryan Noth

In Theatres:Sep 06, 2021
Genre: Drama
Duration: 75 min

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