An American Dream

Ken Finkleman has made his reputation in Canadian television for cynical Gemini-award winning political satires such as THE NEWSROOM, AT THE HOTEL, GOOD DOG and GOOD GOD. But few people know that he was a writer of feature film comedies such as AIRPLANE II and WHO'S THAT GIRL? With AN AMERICAN DREAM, Mr. Finkleman brings his particular brand of wicked, pointed satire to the American political system, and he takes no prisoners. Some might even accuse him of being anti-American, although with the recent Donald Trump Presidential campaign, sometimes satire cuts closer to the bone than anyone might imagine. Our hero, William Bowman, loses his job due to vested big business interests. The entire American political system is put into question as gun lobbyists take over Washington and corporate America pushes through its agenda at every turn.

Starring: Jake Croker, Laura De Carteret, Derek McGrath
Directed by: Ken Finkleman

In Theatres:Apr 14, 2017
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 90 min

Consumer Advice:(MB) Violence, sexually suggestive scenes.

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