Ken Loach plays down final film comments about The Old Oak

Ken Loach plays down final film comments about The Old Oak

Ken Loach has rowed back on comments that 'The Old Oak' could be his last film.

The 86-year-old filmmaker suggested recently that the movie was likely to be his final work behind the camera but has now hinted that this may not be the case.

Asked if this would be his swansong at the Cannes Film Festival, Ken said: "One day at a time. If you get up in the morning, and you're not in the obituary column; one day at a time."

The socialist director did emphasis how important it is for young filmmakers to get into the industry and make sure that those in power are kept in check.

Loach said: "It's not up to the directors and writers if they can make films; now the doors are closing on young people who want to engage with the issues of their time with a political understanding other than simply a social understanding.

"That's a big difference because political understanding means you challenge those in power with the money when their system is failing to support films that should challenge them?"

Ken suggested last month that he did not expect to make another picture as he is too old to do so.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ken said: "Films take a couple of years and I'll be nearly 90. And your facilities do decline. Your short-term memory goes and my eyesight is pretty rubbish now, so it's quite tricky."

He quipped: "I'm just not sure I can get around the court again. It's like an old nag at the Grand National. You think, good God, I'll be falling at the first fence!"