Movie Emperor, The (Mandarin w EST) movie poster

Movie Emperor, The (Mandarin w EST)

Hong Kong actor Lau Wai-Chi (Lau) has a huge following of devoted followers and is always keeping an eye on his rivals. His renown has dragged him into a smaller and smaller circle, where all he can do is maintain his physical perfection and fret about which other celebrity is taking an award or important part that ought to be his. Lau is convinced to play the lead in a modest indie drama in which the main character is a local pig farmer since he feels the need for a new image. Lau and the director, played by Ning Hao himself, concur that this journey into miserabilist cinema will be exactly what foreign film festivals are looking for. Lau begins the laborious process of mastering the necessary acting skills for the role, and a string of flawless jabs at the pretentiousness of the movie business. Similar to Robert Altman's The Player, this satire is brutal but leaves room for real emotion. Lau demonstrates remarkable adeptness at both exposing the sensitive soul of an artist and mocking the worries of affluent movie stars. It's intelligent, interesting, and stunning to look at.

Starring: Andy Lau, Eliz Lao, Tony Ka Fai Leung, Kelly Lin, Pal Sinn, Jing Wong, Sunny Sun
Directed by: Hao Ning

In Theatres:Feb 10, 2024
Genre: Drama
Duration: 125 min

Notes:Mandarin with English Subtitles

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