Henry Golding 'sounds nuts' when he's working on a script

Henry Golding 'sounds nuts' when he's working on a script

Henry Golding fears sounding "nuts" when he's working on a film script.

The ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ star often says his lines out loud when he’s reading dialogue for a new movie - but it can sometimes be an issue if he’s on a plane, as he isn’t always aware that he’s doing it.

He told Total Film: “I think we’re all a little kooky. We talk to ourselves more than we’d like to think, especially if I’m reading a script. I’ll be on an aeroplane, and I’ll catch myself saying it all out loud, in the cabin. And I’ve got my headphones on, so I have no idea how loud I’m being. People must think I’m nuts.”

Henry became a dad for the first time when his wife Liv Lo gave birth to their daughter Lyla in March 2021.

The actor admits fatherhood has totally changed him, explaining that his little girl has turned his life “on its head”.

He added: “She is the apple of our eyes. That’s pretty much the story now: baby talk and photos. My phone is full of photos of little babies.”

Liv grew up in Taiwan and previously lived in Singapore. But the yoga instructor is keen for her little girl to appreciate Asian culture, even though the family now live in the US.

She told People: “Just celebrating (our heritage) with my daughter, going to restaurants - she really loves Asian food. Reading books to her such as Eva Chen's 'I Am Golden' ... that highlights awareness that you can teach her at a young age. So I'm really happy that we already have these resources that I can tap into."