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Jonah Finn owes poker money. A lot. Tubby Finkleman, the volatile accountant for the Jewish mafia, warns him - if he doesn't pay by morning, he and his pot-smoking teenaged daughter, Aurora, are gonna get hurt. Later, after yet another eye exam, Aurora's doctor delivers the news to Jonah in private: she's going completely blind. Unable to tell her the truth, Jonah takes Aurora on a dangerous road trip to remote Churchill, Manitoba. His motivation is two-fold: flee from danger, and assuage his guilt by showing her the Northern Lights--the most beautiful thing he's ever seen in his life--before she loses her vision completely. With Tubby on their trail, Jonah and Aurora are forced to finally confront their complicated pasts, on their way to a climactic showdown with Tubby in the deadly cold waters of Churchill.

Starring: Joey King, Jonas Chernick, Kevin Pollak
Directed by: Sean Garrity

In Theatres:Apr 15, 2016
Genre: Drama
Duration: 95 min


Consumer Advice:(MB) Coarse language, substance abuse.

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