Bolivia: From the Altiplano to Amazon (Passport) movie poster

Bolivia: From the Altiplano to Amazon (Passport)

From the massive wild setting of the Altiplano to the green expanse of the Amazon and the great Andes mountains, Bolivia offers a spectacular taste of nature and colourful traditions. Its population, largely Quechua and Aymara, add to the uniqueness of this country.

Bolivia’s rich and diverse folklore is embodied by the government’s recognition of 37 official languages. Its people live largely to the pace of rigorous conditions, particularly the miners of Potosi who dig for veins of silver.

Embark on this epic journey across the land from West to East, discovering incomparable landscapes made up of volcanoes, geysers, salt flats and multicoloured lagoons, all unfolding before your eyes making for an unforgettable experience.

Starring: TBC
Directed by: TBC

In Theatres:Jan 05, 2018
Genre: Alternative Content
Duration: 83 min

Notes:NO PASSES accepted

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