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135 Gateway Park Drive , Kitchener, ON, N2P 2J9
Tel: (519) 650-2958
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Movies and showtimes are updated for online ticket purchase each Wednesday morning for the upcoming week (Friday to Thursday).

Ticket Type General
Regular $12.25 $8.99 $9.50
Real D 3D add $3.00
IMAX® add $5.00
Morning Movies  $7.75
Sunday Kid's Day   $13.49  
Senior's Day - Monday     20% Off
REEL DEAL Tuesdays  $7.75
Movie Twosome Wednesdays $34.99
3D Movie Twosome Wednesdays $40.99
IMAX® Movie Twosome Wednesdays $44.99
Movie 10-Pack $86.99

Morning Movies Showtimes Prior to Noon
Regular Tickets All other times

Admission price includes applicable taxes, with the exception of admission and concession packages (e.g.: Kid’s Day, Movie Twosome, Movie 10-Pack); applicable taxes added with purchase.

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This Location Offers:

 Free Reserved Seating
 Movie Deals
Alcohol Service
Food Delivery
• ATOM Ticketing

 The IMAX® Experience
 RealD 3D
 Park the Stroller (Baby-Friendly Grown-Up Films)
 Sensory Friendly Films
• Assistive Devices
 Birthday Parties
 Corporate & Group Sales
• Automated Box Office
• Zone Arcade
• On-Site Parking
• Wheelchair Accessibility

Mailing Address

Landmark Cinemas Kitchener

135 Gateway Park Drive
Kitchener ON N2P 2J9

Movie information: (519) 650-0071
Theatre office: (519) 650-2958