Viggo Mortensen aspires to be a 'team player' as a director

Viggo Mortensen aspires to be a 'team player' as a director

Viggo Mortensen hopes to be a "team player" as a director.

The 60-year-old actor was recently tasked with directing his first feature film, the drama 'Falling', and Viggo has revealed he plans to lean on his past experiences on different film sets.

He shared: "I've been very lucky.

"I've had some great teachers over the years. I've been in more than one movie that most actors would be happy to just have that one in their career. I've been in many good stories and I've worked with great directors."

Aside from the technical challenges of being a filmmaker, Viggo revealed he's determined to develop a healthy, collaborative environment on the set of 'Falling'.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "There's one thing that I pay to attention to, apart from the technical aspects of storytelling, that I think is the most important on a human level and on a creative level.

"It's that no matter how different the tastes or the storytelling techniques of David Cronenberg or Matt Ross or Pete Farrelly, all of them share one thing in common: they're team players."

Viggo said he'll always be open to listening to new ideas, and admitted he can see some strong similarities between acting and directing.

He explained: "Somebody, I'm sure, is going to give me an idea I haven't thought of. That idea of listening is the same with acting.

"The foundation to good acting is good reacting, listening, paying attention to what's around you. That's how things can go from the level of good to the level of unexpectedly great."