Tom Cruise convinced Courtney B. Vance to star in The Mummy

Tom Cruise convinced Courtney B. Vance to star in The Mummy

Courtney B. Vance agreed to star in 'The Mummy' because of Tom Cruise.

The 57-year-old actor appears alongside Tom in the new Alex Kurtzman-directed fantasy movie, and Courtney has admitted that the mere presence of Tom was enough to convince him to accept the role of Colonel Greenway.

He shared: "All I needed to hear was that it was Tom. I'm a huge Tom Cruise fan! I've watched all his movies, from 'Risky Business' on. I saw his journey into these franchises that he does, and he does them better than anybody else.

"You know what you're going to get. Not that the movies aren't different, but you know that whatever he attacks and whatever he takes on, he's going to become a master at it and of it. "

The movie also stars Sofia Boutella, who plays the role of Princess Ahmanet, otherwise known as The Mummy.

And Courtney believes the French-Algerian actress was perfectly suited to the role.

He told Collider: "I go back to the story and the whole idea that she was groomed to rule, but at the last minute, she was thrown aside. That's like 'Fatal Attraction'. 'You can't just throw me aside! I won't be ignored!'

"You see her and her daddy and the blood on her face. She went to the dark side.

"But then, you start cheering for her to get her way because you can't treat a woman like that. That's a sista! You can't mess with her! I was cheering for her to win.

"When she was going to stab her man and take him into eternity, we were like, 'Yes!' And then, when she started to go after Tom, we were like, 'Yes!'"

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