Taron Egerton won't wear tights

Taron Egerton won't wear tights

Taron Egerton will quit 'Robin Hood' if he has to wear tights.

The 27-year-old actor wants his version of the heroic outlaw - who he will portray in a 2018 origins story - to have a "rock 'n' roll" edge and won't be donning the tight-fitting green garments traditionally associated with the character.

He said: "The moment someone presents me with a pair of tights, I'm calling it quits.

"It's going to have a rock 'n' roll quality to it.

"I'm not sure that anybody has completely nailed Robin Hood yet. I'm quietly hoping this is the one that's going to get it right - and it's going to do it without any tights."

Tarin - who admits his Robin is "highly flawed and not even that likeable" - was hesitant to even look at the script for the movie as he wasn't sure whether there was a "need" for a new take on the tale.

He admitted to Total Film magazine: "When I was first sent the script I was hesitant to even engage with it.

"I think there's a very large question mark over whether the world needs another 'Robin Hood'.

"But it's completely revisionist. Very dark and very character-driven.

"It's fairly unrecognisable as a period film."

The 'Kingsman' actor stars alongside Jamie Foxx as Little John in the movie, and promised their friendship makes the film worth watching.

He teased: "The dynamic between those characters in this is really interesting.

"And I can't imagine anyone better in the role. It's all pretty exciting at the moment."