Peter Dinklage's new film 'took a quarter of a century' to make

Peter Dinklage's new film 'took a quarter of a century' to make

Peter Dinklage's new film "took a quarter of a century" to make.

The 49-year-old actor portrays Herve Villechaize - a French dwarf made famous in the 70s for his roles in 'James Bond' and 'Fantasy Island' - in 'My Dinner with Herve' and it was only Peter's 'Game of Thrones' success that persuaded movie executives to commission the film, which is based on writer Sacha Gervasi's interview with the titular character, who took his own life shortly after their meeting in 1993.

Sacha said: "It took a quarter of a century, it took Peter Dinklage, it took 'Game of Thrones', but we did it in the end."

Peter has admitted that although he is careful not "judge" Herve, he believes that "fame got the better of him" and he was left feeling "lost".

He explained to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Herve followed this fame balloon that floated by and I think it derailed him from what was important. I'm not judging him. He was a very intelligent, very artistically driven gentleman and an incredible painter but fame got the better of him.

"And fame is a very abstract thing, it only results from good work and when you attach yourself to the just fame part of it, without the underlying reason for the fame, the work, then you're lost, I think.

Though Peter believes his most famous alter ego, 'Game of Thrones' Tyrion Lannister has "broke the walls" of being defined by his dwarfism, he still feels there is a long way to go in television and film representation.

He said: "I don't know if it is all that different now, if you turn on the TV around Christmas time, it doesn't look very different - that's some panto s**t right there.

"Tyrion was written for someone of my size, but he broke the walls of that and became a much more complicated person."