Peter Capaldi cast in The Personal History Of David Copperfield

Peter Capaldi cast in The Personal History Of David Copperfield

Peter Capaldi has been cast in Armando Iannucci's 'The Personal History Of David Copperfield'.

The 60-year-old actor - who is best known for his starring role in 'Doctor Who' - has been cast by the acclaimed satirist for his eagerly awaited adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel.

Capaldi has been handed the role of Mr. Micawber and the move will see the duo reunited, having previously worked together on the British comedy series 'The Thick of It'.

The news was announced on Twitter, with Iannucci writing: "Who's going to be the new Mr Micawber? #ThePersonalHistoryOfDavid Copperfield (sic)"

Iannucci followed his original tweet with a selfie of himself alongside Capaldi, captioning the image: "Look!"

The new movie will also star the likes of Dev Patel, Tilda Swinton, Hugh Laurie, and Ben Whishaw.

Capaldi appeared in his final episode of 'Doctor Who' in 2017, and has admitted he couldn't have maintained his enthusiasm for the sought-after role any longer.

He confessed: "With episodic television of any genre, the audience wants the same thing all the time - but the instinct that leads the actor is not about being in a groove.

"I love this show, but I've never done anything where you turn up every day for 10 months.

"I want to always be giving it my best and I don't think if I stayed on I'd be able to do that."

Capaldi also conceded that the 'Doctor Who' audience could have become bored of him.

He said: "Three years is probably enough because people get wiped out by it."