Peter Andre says Thomas and Friends casting has made him 'cool'

Peter Andre says Thomas and Friends casting has made him 'cool'

Peter Andre says being handed a role in 'Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! The Movie' has made him "cool" in the eyes of his kids.

The 45-year-old singer - who has kids Junior, 13, Princess, 10, Amelia, four, and 18-month-old Theo - was recently cast in the new children's film, and Peter has revealed it's already helped to improve his reputation with his children.

Peter recalled a conversation with his daughter Amelia, saying: "I say, 'That's dad'. And she says, 'No no, that's a yellow car'. It's the cutest. I'm cool to them now, for a short period of time."

The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker also joked about the movie's iconic central character, saying that for a 73-year-old steam locomotive, Thomas still looks very good.

Asked whether he was a fan of Thomas as a child, Peter - who grew up in Australia - explained to 'Good Morning Britain': "Of course, we all grew up with it. He's 73 years old. I mean, he doesn't look it, he looks fantastic."

Meanwhile, Peter previously teased details of his character, revealing that while Ace is a "bit full of himself" on the surface, he is a "real little softy" in reality.

He shared: "My character is a fun, energetic and cheeky little car called Ace, an Aussie who is a bit full of himself and he thinks he's super cool, but when you peel away the layers he's a real little softy and everyone loves him.

"He has a lot of bravado, but as soon as he sees an animal, he's petrified. He's a really cool character and he's a great one for me to be able to play because, being Australian, I can relate to his attitude a little bit.

"A lot of people have this image of Australia as being very care-free and I live like that. It's so nice to play a character that represents that."