Lorenzo Di Bonaventura makes bold Meg 2 promise

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura makes bold Meg 2 promise

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura has promised that 'Meg 2: The Trench' will be bigger and bolder than the original film.

The 66-year-old movie producer is involved in Jason Statham's forthcoming shark sequel and has promised that the fun will be ramped up in this installment.

Quizzed by Collider on how the flick has been performing at test screenings, Lorenzo said: "It's really held its appeal, so in making this movie, one of the things we learned is you could add more comedy than we originally thought in a shark movie, in a way.

"So I think this movie is probably funnier. There's certainly some big laughs in it. There's more shark attacks. There's more crazy ideas that we've tested out on the audience.

"So the movie, it's testing well, but more importantly, the audience seems to be relating to it very similar to the first movie."

Di Bonaventura explained that audiences will cope with more shark attacks due to the lack of gore in the film.

He said: "They push back on the blood. As long as you don't do gore, they sort of accept the fun nature of it, you know? And I think because of the fun nature, it takes the edge off it a little bit.

"But at the same time, the movie needs to have some edge, or else it feels like it becomes a spoof or something, and that's definitely not what it is.

"So, I think the trickiest thing about 'The Meg' is keeping that balance between violence and humour."

The producer is refusing to discuss whether Statham's character Jonas Taylor punches a shark in this movie.

He said: "Maybe we top that idea. He might tap in a really violent way. He kicks a shark!"