Jon Hamm's hologram fears

Jon Hamm's hologram fears

Jon Hamm is worried about being replaced by a hologram.

The 45-year-old actor plays a hologram of a long-dead man in new movie 'Marjorie Prime' but admitted that some technological advances scare him.

He explained to The Wrap: "Technology tends to only move in one direction.

"It's not like they go, 'Oh, this hologram idea was a great idea but, eh, never mind.'"

"There always has to be a person at the end of it until we create computers that create computers and then we're well and truly f****d."

And John also admitted that he hates watching himself onscreen.

He told Us Weekly: "It's always weird. Because inevitably, you're gonna think something looks terrible. Or is terrible. And unfortunately, it's the internet that points those things out.

"Very often, someone online will tell you that it was [terrible], usually behind an anonymous screen name. I try to stay off the internet as it pertains to me."

The 'Mad Men' actor will also star in action comedy 'Baby Driver' later this year, alongside Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey and Lily James, and he can't wait for the stunts.

He said: "I get to roll around and crash cars and shoot 'em up. Fun stuff."