John Boyega's Star Wars drama

John Boyega's Star Wars drama

John Boyega made it to the 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' premiere in Los Angeles on Saturday (12.09.17) despite fears he would be trapped in Atlanta by a snowstorm.

The 25-year-old actor - who plays Finn in the franchise - took to Twitter to reveal that he could not get a flight out of Atlanta due to the weather.

He wrote: "Wow ATL. Looks like no one's leaving! Guess I'll start a family now....

"Cold! My thighs won't even generate the heat anymore.

"Trying to get back for the LA premiere! I actually NEED a pilot !!! (sic)"

When director Rian Johnson tweeted: "Hahahaha oh my god GET HERE JOHN!", he jokingly replied: "Roger that! BB-8 PUNCH IT!!! (sic)"

John finally made it to Los Angeles for the premiere at The Shrine auditorium but made time to poke fun at his co-star Harrison Ford's flying skills, when someone suggested the actor and pilot should fly him in.

He tweeted: "I made it ! Without luggage but wooooooooohoooo! As if weather can stop a Nigerian kmt.

"Harrison will land that ship in the damn auditorium! I'm here though thank you and thanks everyone ! See you tonight. I need a shower because.....ew. (sic)"

And Mark Hamill joined in with the teasing, writing: "Only fly with Harrison on green-screen, son. #FatherlyAdvice."

John continued with the Star Wars references at the premiere when he was asked about his journey.

According to Deadline, he referred to Oscar Isaac's character and quipped: "Poe Dameron is the best pilot in the galaxy."