Joe Thomas says shooting The Festival was 'chaotic'

Joe Thomas says shooting The Festival was 'chaotic'

Joe Thomas admits shooting 'The Festival' was a "chaotic" experience.

The 34-year-old actor filmed scenes for the new comedy movie incognito at Bestival, and Joe has conceded it was a slightly surreal experience.

Speaking at the premiere of the new movie in London's Leicester Square on Monday (08.13.18), Joe shared: "It was quite chaotic at times. People would come up and talk to us or when we would be filming ... it wasn't always obvious that we were filming. So it just looked like a bloke walking around a festival."

Joe explained that shooting some of the movie's sad scenes at the festival left some of the music fans a bit bemused.

He told HeyUGuys: "There are sad bits of 'The Festival' when I'm just wandering around looking a bit sad, and I think they were wondering if I was just alright - just checking whether I was OK, mentally.

"But it's nice, it was heartwarming that they cared."

Joe was keen to work on the movie the moment he was told about its concept.

The British actor also admitted he was eager to reunite with Iain Morris, the writer who co-created the award-winning sitcom 'The Inbetweeners', which Joe starred in.

He shared: "Anyone who has been to a music festival instantly thinks, 'Yeah, that's a good idea.' And if you can get that right that can be so funny.

"I really thought they had got it right with the script and then having Iain onboard was something that just made me really trust it. I really trust his judgement. I've really loved everything about this project from the beginning."