Jennifer Connelly very 'excited' to star opposite Tom Cruise in Top Gun sequel

Jennifer Connelly very 'excited' to star opposite Tom Cruise in Top Gun sequel

Jennifer Connelly is so "excited" to star opposite Tom Cruise in the 'Top Gun' sequel because of his "extraordinary" career.

The 48-year-old actress will appear alongside Cruise in the much-anticipated 'Top Gun: Maverick' and while she's keen to remain tight-lipped about the movie's plot, Connelly has revealed that she has had an "amazing" time on set, and is going back to shoot more scenes for the upcoming blockbuster.

Speaking to Collider, Connelly said: "It's amazing, it's so fun to be part with and how extraordinary what he's [Cruise] done in his career and the work he's done and I'm really excited to be a part of it. We're still working on it so I'll be going back and shooting some more, we'll still be shooting through April."

The brunette beauty also stars in the new Robert Rodriguez directed sci-fi flick 'Alita: Battle Angel', which has been produced by James Cameron, and the star admitted she saw it with her husband and their jaws were left "hanging open" in astonishment.

She added: "I liked the world, I liked the design, I thought there's nobody else better to bring it to life than James Cameron and his team, and Robert Rogriguez I was really excited to see what they were going to do with it.

"My husband and I saw it together and we kept looking at it and tapping each other on the shoulder and literally my jaw was hanging open. The first time we see Alita, I mean I couldn't believe it, it's so sophisticated now and advanced and so beautifully done. You believe it and it works because there was a time where there were earlier experiments with that in other films that I've seen that weren't successful but its clicked here."

The 'Labyrinth' star also confessed that she has never 'borrowed' anything from a film set because she is a "compulsive confessor" and would always be honest is she liked something.

She admitted: "I'm a compulsive confessor, I'll say 'Oh I really like this, can I keep it?' But I wouldn't just thieve something and put it in my bag and pretend I didn't have it - it's not in me."