James Cameron: Film-making has completely changed

James Cameron: Film-making has completely changed

James Cameron thinks film-making has changed "virtually 100 percent" during his career.

The 64-year-old director - who has helmed some of the most successful movies in history, including 'Titanic' and 'Avatar' - admits that the job of a filmmaker has changed dramatically since the start of his career.

Asked how the industry has evolved, Cameron explained: "I would say virtually 100 percent. Every single technique, machine and process that I used when I started has been replaced.

"We don't even shoot on film. About the only thing that we have in common right now is that there's still a lens and you still have to put it in focus.

"You know, we used to do matte paintings on glass, and now they're all essentially Photoshopped."

Despite this, Cameron thinks the "storytelling aspects" of the film-making process remain the same.

The veteran director also admitted that there are "no shortcuts in casting".

He told Den of Geek: "There's nothing that we did then that we're doing now, and yet it's still the same exact process. You imagine it, you write it, you draw it out and then you bring it to life. So the storytelling aspects are the same.

"And there are no shortcuts in casting - it's still an actor walks into a room, they read some lines off a page and you have to imagine what they're going to look like. So technology can't replace certain things.

"The human component of it hasn't changed at all. And the writing is writing."

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