Guy Ritchie is 'very collaborative' filmmaker

Guy Ritchie is 'very collaborative' filmmaker

Guy Ritchie is a "very collaborative" filmmaker.

Lionel Wigram, the 'King Arthur' producer, has revealed the 48-year-old filmmaker likes to work on a character alongside the actor that is playing them as it makes their performance and dialogue more "organic".

He said: "As much as possible we try to do that with the actors. Guy's very collaborative as a filmmaker, as much as possible we try to have a dialogue with the actors, especially early on in terms of forming their characters with them, working their dialogue with them. It's more organic that way, and better for everybody, more fun."

And Wigram also revealed more about Jude Law's villainous part in the movie.

He said: "Jude is a fantastic actor, we wanted a fantastic actor. We wanted someone who could play a villain that had some real, interesting layers that we haven't seen before. Who's complex. Finding an interesting bad guy who's not mustache-twirling it's difficult to do.

"To avoid the cliché, we thought we could do it with Jude better. He's helped us a great deal in terms of evolving the character, and turning it into something that I don't think you've quite seen before. It's pretty cool."

Asked if the character's completely evil or has some good in him, he teased: "I'd say he's definitely evil, but you understand where he's coming from. You sort of love him, even though you hate him."

Wigram and Ritchie have teamed up for a number of period flicks recently and the pair love the opportunity to create this world which "suspends your disbelief".

He told "We feel that they provide an opportunity to have a world that allows you to suspend your disbelief, and buy into the world, but without it actually being real. So we can have fun with the glamourous fantasy of the 60s, we can have fun with a steampunk version of the Victorian era, but somehow, because it's period, it's not like today.

"You don't quite judge it in the same way, so you can get away with certain things, certain larger than life aspects that you might not be able to in another era. We think it's a very good way to tell stories, we love period stuff, and we keep doing it."

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

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