Gemma Chan feels shocked by success of Crazy Rich Asians

Gemma Chan feels shocked by success of Crazy Rich Asians

Gemma Chan admits the success of 'Crazy Rich Asians' has exceeded her expectations.

The 35-year-old actress stars as Astrid Leong-Teo in the hit movie, which features an all-Asian cast, and Gemma has confessed to being shocked at how well the film has been received by fans and critics.

She said: "It has been beyond what any of us every imagined. It's the first mainstream Hollywood film for 25 years to feature Asians in the lead and an all-Asian cast so it's been a long time."

Gemma hopes that the movie's success will herald a cultural change within Hollywood, too.

Asked whether the success could lead to more Asian-led films, Gemma told 'The Jonathan Ross Show': "That's the hope I think. When I first saw the film, I felt emotional but I also felt relief because I thought 'Thank God this film is good because we're hopefully not going to have to wait another 25 years before they let Asians make a movie.'

"It means so much to so many people. The box-office success is the cherry on top."

In the movie, Gemma sports some very expensive jewellery, and the actress has admitted she was "paranoid the whole time" she was wearing them.

She said: "They were really expensive. There was a bodyguard following me around the whole time, making sure I didn't drop one down the toilet.

"I was paranoid the whole time. They were worth millions."

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