Ewen Bremner: Jelly, chocolate and fudge made my Trainspotting bed soiling scene

Ewen Bremner: Jelly, chocolate and fudge made my Trainspotting bed soiling scene

Ewen Bremner's bed soiling scene in 'T2 Trainspotting' involved jelly, chocolate and fudge.

The 45-year-old actor - who plays the role of Daniel 'Spud' Murphy in both the original 1996 'Trainspotting' film and also its latest sequel 'T2 Trainspotting' - says the crew went the extra mile to ensure the scene in which his character poos in his girlfriend's bed looked as realistic as possible.

He said: "The props department did a lot of in-depth research. I remember it being a mix of jelly, chocolate and fudge and they worked really hard to get it the right consistency.

"We had to do that scene several times to get the splatter as disgusting as possible. It was all hands on deck to get the maximum gross-out effect."

The movie is set 20 years after the original and sees Mark (Ewan McGregor) return to Scotland to make amends with his friends Daniel 'Spud' Murphy (Bremner) and Simon 'Sick Boy' Williamson (Jonny Lee Miller).

And Bremner finds it hard to shake his character Spud as he constantly gets spotted off screen, with people shouting 'Oi! Spud!' at him on the street.

He explained: "It's been pretty consistent. People feel Trainspotting has made a dent in their hearts, so pretty much wherever I go I get people wanting to talk about it. I get asked for a lot of selfies. I feel a bit selfied out at the moment."

Bremner is gearing up to star in the upcoming 'Wonder Woman' movie.

Speaking about his involvement, he teased to the Metro newspaper: "I don't know [what I can tell you] it's really under wraps. I was shocked they let me be properly Scottish in it.

"I was expecting the Americans would ask me to gentrify my accent a little bit, or the humour even, but they let me go as far as I liked. I had plenty of fun on it."