Dan Stevens 'delighted' with CGI in Beauty and the Beast

Dan Stevens 'delighted' with CGI in Beauty and the Beast

Dan Stevens is "delighted" with the computer technology used in 'Beauty and the Beast'.

The 34-year-old actor took on the role of the titular Beast in the remake of the classic 1991 animated Disney movie, and has said he was pleasantly surprised at how detailed the facial expressions of his computer generated beastly counterpart turned out.

Speaking at the UK premiere of the movie at Spencer House in London on Thursday (23.02.17), Dan explained: "Very often it's just a thought or a feeling or something that you're trying to communicate through the Beast. The technology we used has brought such incredible sensitivity to the facial expressions of the Beast, I'm delighted. I can't believe what they've managed to do. The way fairy tales have embraced this technology, and vice-versa, is amazing."

And Dan - who has two children Willow, seven, and Aubrey, four, with his wife Susie Hariet - says it was "strange" for his children to see him as the character they love from the animated movie.

He said: "For my kids, this is going to be their definitive version of 'Beauty and the Beast'. They do love the animated version, but they loved coming on this set and they've loved watching this movie. It's pretty strange for them to watch daddy as the Beast."

Dan also said he felt a "responsibility" to his "childhood self" when taking on the role, as he'd enjoyed the original fairy tale as well as the animated production.

He said: "[I had a] responsibility to my childhood self who loved this book and this fairy tale, and I've read this to my children so many times. The number of times we've enjoyed the animated version as well, we just made this with such love for the original."

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